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(2012~2013 学年度第一学期) 三 年级 课 题 英语 学科 主备人 孙传萍 时间 201209 课时 3

Unit 6 Colours

教学内容: Cartoons Letter time

1. Ss will be able to understand and read the story. 2. Ss will be able to listen, read, say and write the letters: Oo, Pp, Qq. 3. Ss will be able to talk about the colours freely.

1. Ss can understand and read the story. 2. Ss can listen, read, say and write the letters: Oo, Pp, Qq.

Letter cards, pictures of clothes


Unit 6 Colours

1. Listen and read after the tape five times. Recite the dialogue. 2. Prepare colour crayons, cards and glues.

备 注

Step1 warm up 1. Free talk T: Good morning/afternoon, boys and girls. Ss: T: Look at my ... It’s yellow.What colour is your ?? S: It’s ? Use the drills: What colour is?? It’s? to describe the things. 2. Revision. Sing the colour song. Say the rhyme. What colour, what colour, What colour is my shirt? Orange, orange, It’s orange. Step2 Presentation and practice 1. Cartoon time. 1) Talk about the pictures 2) T: What can you see in the picture? Ss: Eggs. T: What colour? Look at the picture and find the answer. Check the answer with Ss. The answer: Red, blue, green, brown, orange, yellow 3) Watch cartoons Show a question: What colour would they like? Play the cartoon, Ss watch and find the answer. Watch again and check the answer. What colour would they like? Many colour eggs. They don’t know. 4) Listen to the tape and read loudly twice. 5) Read the story by themselves. 6) T and Ss act the story. 7) Practice in pairs. 8) Act out the story. 2. Letter time 1) Revision

T: Now, it’s letter time. What letters can you say now? S: ? T: Let’s play a game “Magic eyes”. Look carefully. (PPT play the cartoon.) What letters are they? Talk in pairs. 2) Learn the new letters. T: Look at this picture. There are some letters in it. Can you find them? S: Point to the new letters, read Rr, Ss, Tt. 3) Say the letters from Aa to Tt a. Say the letters together. b. Say on by one in groups of four. 4) Play a game “Listen and say the next letter” Bb, Dd, Gg, Ii, Kk, Rr 5) Now, let’s learn how to write Rr, Ss, Tt a. Watch the cartoon “Rr” b. Write with hands.(Show the letters Oo and Pp in the same way) c. T: Write on the blackborad, Ss write in their exercise books. Step 3 Consolidation 1. Letter show Ss take out their colourful letter cards, T says big letter R, Ss show it, T says small letter s, Ss show it. Ss say and do in pairs. Ask some students to say dan do. 2. Ask and answer. What colour is the letter R? It’s... Step 4 Homework 1. Read the story of Cartoon time to mum and dad. 2. Copy the letters: Rr, Ss and Tt.



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